About us

Discovering Silkens


Hello! We are Brianna and Tyler. We are currently located in northern Utah with our three Silken Windhounds (and other sighthounds) and we make up Greenwood Sighthounds! We discovered Silken Windhounds during a search to find a smaller, coated sighthound than Borzoi (though now we hope to welcome home a Borzoi in the next few years!). Brianna met her first Silken Windhound at work and the rest is history. The love and connection with Silkens was immediate.

Brianna helped whelp two litters with Sunera Silkens’ owner/breeder, Janell, and gained Greenwood’s foundation male, Bubba, through this arrangement.

Greenwood is born


We decided within the first year of owning a Silken Windhound that we wanted to contribute to the breed in a positive and meaningful way. We hope to breed solid, confident, and loving dogs that will perform in the show ring and in different sporting venues but will blend in seamlessly at home.

Our name is a way to honor Tyler’s beautiful grandma, Ruthie, who had seven greyhounds throughout her lifetime (one at a time). She named every single one of them Pat. Every time I think of this quirk I can’t help but laugh, so we decided to use Ruthie’s maiden name as our kennel name.

Thus, Greenwood was born.



Hello! I’m most likely who you’ll be communicating with when you write in or contact us on social media. I love to sing, write, participate in nerdy things, and show my dogs. I also love making new friends, especially dog friends, so feel free to write in on social media!

I hope to continue showing all of our dogs up to their full potential and beginning sports with Willow and Bubba in the new year.



I fell in love with sighthounds when I was in high school, when I rescued an Italian greyhound named Cecil who had been hit by a car. He was the first of seven sighthounds I've had the pleasure of raising. I was introduced to silkens in 2018 when I first met our Suki, and I fell in love with her and the breed almost immediately.

I also enjoy writing music, computers and building synthesizers. I am a graphic designer by profession but love all things creative.