Our Silkens

UKC CH Sunera Clayborn Elvis Presley - “Bubba”


Bubba was the first silken windhound to officially join us at Greenwood. He has been a joy and a delight the entire time we’ve had him. He’s curious, intelligent, and active. Bubba is also in training to be Brianna’s service dog.

We hope to earn his grand championship this year.

UKC CH Satsuma Blondie - “Suki”


Suki was the second silken to join our family at Greenwood, though we’ve technically known her the longest. She is the most caring silken we’ve ever met and has such a deep capacity for love. She really loves laying on people during the entire course of a movie, essentially practicing her “weighted blanket” skills.

We hope to complete Suki’s CGC and get her certified as a therapy dog this year.

Satsuma Samantha Stevens - “Willow”


Willow is the newest addition to Greenwood, and what a spitfire she is! We had two main goals (that we would expand on after we got to know her more) when we got Willow: 1) to get an all-around, solid foundation girl for Greenwood and 2) get Bubba a best friend. Willow has so far surpassed all our expectations. We now have so many goals for the new year, and most of them involve sports! I can’t wait to see what our hurricane is capable of!